About us


Enotria Tellus means “Land of the Wine”.

That’s how in ancient history people referred to Italy, to denote the great winemaking vocation of our territory.

During his training, Fabio was fascinated by this wording and decided to name his cellar this way.

Enotria Tellus is the expression of our winemaking roots and identifies our belonging to the land.


Our production comes entirely from owned vineyards.

Quality is born in the vineyard, in perfect synergy between us and our land.

We take care of every step of the production chain in detail, from the vineyard to the bottle.


From our vineyard to your table.

The most modern techniques blend with the traditional knowledge and traditions of winemaking. Our wine is the fruit of this harmonious union.


New generations, same passion.

In the Lucchese family the passion for good wine has been passed down for generations. The activity was started by grandfather Giuseppe (“Beppi”) and then carried forward by his son Giacomo.

In 2015 the son of Giacomo, Fabio, after graduating in Viticulture and Oenology at the University of Udine, has founded Enotria Tellus to continue the family passion.